Sunday, January 11, 2009

Verde Gyud!

La Salle Academy Iligan celebrated its 50th Grand Alumni Homecoming last December 29, 2008, which was sponsored by LSA batch 1983. It was heralded as, by far, the most festive homecoming celebration ever attended by co-batchmates, complimenting its 50th stand.

Talents from various LSA alumni to renowned deejay from de La Salle Greenhills were showcased.
Free food was served…though slightly budgeted. Hehe. Batch pictures were posted on the walls where you'd be dining. And booths stood around near the gym. La Salle items booths, hotdog booths, coffee booths, booze booths. It pretty much seemed like a mini La Salle Fair, wala lay rides. Hehe. At the gym entrance, you could see a huge La Salle tarp where you could go picture taking like you’re an actress. Hehehe. At the later part of it, the alma mater song was sung by everyone in seemingly great emotional stress. A choreographed disco was steered by deejay…um, whatshisname?..And one the most exuberant part of it was the 20k worth of fireworks display. Well, it was truly a night that took us back to time.

Four years hence, and a lot has changed in the school grounds. The old tennis court now serves as a gazebo slash terminal for buses, and is being put up with a little Christmas Village. There were two Christmas villages, actually, beautifully lighted and creatively constructed with trees made up of softdrink bottles, which stand up to about 20 feet high. The old high school building is now utilized by night high school students. A new 4-storey building for the “day” which served as our dining area, now stands before the gym. And of course, the old gym is now renovated at long last! Hehe. Bleh :P

Anyway, so here’s how the events took place:

Dec. 29:
1:00-3:00 PM – Mass
3:00-5:00 PM – Motorcade
5:00-8:00 PM – Dining
9:00-12:00 AM – Disco
12:00– (Me not included). People went to Club Zinc

Btw, there was an Alumni Sports fest, the first time ever, held on Dec. 20.

La Salle alumni had free admission, outsiders got to pay 150Php for the entrance

hail alma mater

batch '04

kim, april, kath, me, and our batch frame

La Salle tarp

xmas tree made up of 7-up bottles