Friday, December 26, 2008

Dog Biscuits!

Nope…not the boring old tasteless kind. Dog’s Goodies in Germany is the only bakery in the world that offers meaty cakes, muesli bars, mint biscuits, and tuna cakes – just for dogs! Chef Janine Saraniti-Legerin told that all her treats are non-fattening and free of chemical attractants. First-time doggie visitors are given free tastes, but humans like you and me may want to pass on the canine crunches…garlic cookies are part of the menu. Ugh!

Three of the World’s Famous Couples!

...and their awww-inspiring love stories!

Here's an advance treat for the valentine season. hehe.

Robert and Elizabeth Browning.

Robert Browning and Elizabeth Browning were both well-known poets from the Victorian era. They are renowned for the letters they wrote to each other, and their romantic poetry, especially Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, “Sonnet XLIII”, which starts with, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”
Both of them were late bloomers. They met when Elizabeth was already 39 years old and Robert was 33. Because of objections from Elizabeth’s father and her own poor health, their courtship was kept secret.

Cleopatra and Marc Anthony

Cleopatra was the Queen of Egypt and Marc Anthony was a general in the Roman army. They met while Marc Anthony was trying to gain control of Rome after the assassination of Julius Caesar.
Anthony quickly fell in love with Cleopatra, who was known to be a very intelligent and charming woman. They got married and planned to rule Rome together.
When he heard the false news that Cleopatra was dead, Marc Anthony fell on his sword on purpose and died. Cleopatra learned of her love’s death and also ended her life by letting two poisonous snakes bite her.

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart was already a well-known actor when he met Lauren Bacall on the set of the movie To Have and Have Not. She was 19 years old, he was 45. In spite of the age difference, they still dated and a year after meeting each other, they got married. They had two children, a boy and a girl.
After starring in To Have and Have Not, Lauren made one movie every year for four years. She starred with her husband in all four movies, and each was a success.
When Humphrey died of cancer, Lauren was devastated. Humphrey’s marriage to Lauren was his fourth and her first, and it was the only happy one he had. These days, Lauren doesn’t do too many movies, and instead acts in Broadway plays.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Featuring Navirobo!

This furry little creature is a lot smarter than it looks. Navirobo, as its name suggests, is a navigation robot that guides you through city streets. But instead of the usual verbal instructions, Navirobo does something cooler: it points you in the direction you’re supposed to go. And if you happen to miss a turn, it turns around and points to where you missed it!

-9.8 inches tall
- does a happy bear dance when you arrive at your destination
-sits on your car’s dashboard
- GPS – enabled


It’s hip to wear gemstones nowadays. But did you know that during the olden times, people used these magical stones to not only look good, but to also heal, enhance, and improve others’ lives? Take your pick among these gems… Ruby
Magical Meaning: love, beauty and loyalty Healing Power: Keeps the heart healthy Tiger Eye
Magical Meaning: harmony, stability and clarity of mind
Healing Power: Helps heal wounds and bruises Rose Quartz
Magical Meaning: stone of warmth and love Healing Power: Takes away negative feelings and promotes love. Citrine
Magical Meaning: golden stone of wealth Healing Powers: Aids in good digestion and in gaining wealth Jade
Magical Meaning: stone of health and wealth Healing Powers: Takes away negative energies and makes the body stronger. Diamond
Magical Meaning: love, purity, strength and trust Healing Powers: Cleanses the body and improves eyesight Hematite
Magical Meaning: clarity and balance Healing Powers: Adds to personal charm and improves blood circulation Turquoise
Magical Meaning: stone that improves communication and friendship Healing Powers: Strengthens the mind and body.

All-Time Anime Faves

Here’s a look at some of the anime we love to watch… and the reasons why we love watching them. :D

Best Back Story: Samurai X

Kenshin Himura is Hitokiri Battousai, one of the famed assassins of the Meiji Restoration era. With Japan slowly opening up to the rest of the world, he now finds himself using his reverse-edge sword to fight for the new peace Japan has attained, meeting new friends and enemies as he lives out this important historical period.

Fave Factor: A lot of characters we see in the first season are based on real historical people. Bad-cop Saito Hajime, for example, has a real-life equivalent who was also a member of the Shinsengumi, AND was also a police officer. Kenshin himself was based on a real assassin also famous for a style resembling Battou-jutsu. And no, he didn’t have flaming red hair, nor does he say “Oro!” every time somebody smacked him.

Best Characters: Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda’s a young girl who lives all alone in a tent, and supports herself by holding down a job. But despite her tough life, she still keeps a happy and cheerful attitude. Her life takes a turn for the weird when she befriends school heartthrob Yuki Sohma, and ends up living at the Sohma household. It is here that she discovers their family secret – each member is possessed by an animal in the Chinese zodiac, and they turn into their animal form when they’re touched by the opposite gender, or when they’re stressed out!

Fave Factor: Cute guys galore! Yuki’s just one example of the many wacky characters you’ll find in the Sohma household, and each of them transforms into a cute animal! Yuki turns into a mouse, by the way. Kawaii!

Best Powers: Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter)

When school delinquent Yuusuke Urameshi (Eugene) is killed in a car accident while saving a kid’s life, the spirit world offers him a job as a spirit detective. Yuusuke goes from a cocky neighborhood punk into one of the most powerful spirit warriors in the world, while fighting meaner (and cooler) demons along the way. This is a good ol’ fashioned slugfest.

Fave Factor: All the fighters have their own unique powers. Yuusuke has his trademark Spirit Gun (Rei/Ray Gun), his best friend Kuwabara (Alfred) has a laser…er…Spirit Sword, Kurama (Dennis) has his Rose whip and plant abilities, and Hiei (Vincent) has a wicked third eye, which allows him to summon a demonic black dragon.

Best Wardrobe: Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto accidentally opens a magical book, which unleashes beings called Clow Cards on the world. It’s up to her, the card guardian Keroberos (Kero-chan), her video cameratoting best friend Tomoyo, and her magic-wielding rival Lee Syaoran to find the cards, even as the story behind these cards and the creator, Clow Reed, unfolds.

Fave Factor: They say this series has more costumes than there are Clow Cards – they weren’t kidding! Almost every episode’s got a new (uber-cute) costume for Sakura, all handcrafted by Tomoyo-chan, each with a look as unique as the series’ Clow Cards.

Your Health. Your Feces.

Hi guys. found this funny way of looking at your health. Hehe.

Dietary fibers and lactobacillus bifidus are essential for a healthy and comfortable life. The best feces are like bananas. They are modestly hard with no strong smell. Answer the following questions to see whether you have healthy feces or not.

Do they float?

Yes… 1 point
No… 2 points

How soft are they?

Like toothpaste... 1 point
They look hard… 2 points

How much do they weigh? (haha!)

Over 200g… 1 point

Below 200g… 2 points

Do they smell?

They don’t smell much… 1 point
Badly… 2 points

How often do you evacuate?

Once a day… 1 point
Not every day… 2 points

What's their usual color?

Yellow… 1 point
Dark brown… 2 points

Their shape?

Like pebbles… 2 points

Like paste… 1 point

Like banana… 1 point

Like stones ... 2 points

Like mud… 2 points

Like that of liquid... 2 points

If you score:
7-9 points, You are quite healthy
10-12 points, Be careful with what you eat. Take more food with dietary fiber.
13-14 points, Warning! If this continues, you should see a doctor.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

18 -- What's With This Number?

Christmas – it’s supposed to be merry. But what happened earlier today is something totally revolting. Two of the most crowded shopping stores in the city – Unicity and Jerry’s, have been blasted. Another threat, and so many lives have already been sold at a loss.

The city has been in a State of Calamity last November 18, 2007. On January 18, 2008, some part of Brgy. Mahayahay was burned down, causing plight into a number of lives. And of course, who could ever forget the tragic “MILF” attacks in Lanao del Norte? It happened on August 18, 2008. And then earlier today, the bombing in Unicity and Jerry's– Dec. 18, 2008. Isn’t it weird that these tragic, remarkable incidences happened on the same date? I don't know, just find it weird…and scary. Or maybe they’re just pure coincidences? But, whatever. Beware.

Lomo Iligan!

Impressive? These shots are unedited. They’re actually taken from a lomo cam, Holga120N. A lomo camera is typically film-based, producing quality photos in an oldskul effect. It is basically designed so since its details outline authentic quality. It’s bulky and square-faced, pretty retro for the digicam generation. And the results? awe-inspiring! (you can see for yourself). Every shot is incomparable since the features of the cam make each picture unique. Not to mention that it’s cheap. Prices range from 1k plus to about 20. Cool, huh?
Lomo cameras produce these unique, wonderful pics, but nevertheless, creative mindsets would surely find ways for an alternative when these cams aren’t available – and that is, faking lomo using Photoshop! Hehe. Below are a few “lomographs” of my “beloved” city. Hehe. :) :

the before's and after's:

You can find a lot of nice tutorials on how to transform your pics into lomo. There are also a lot of action presets that you can download from deviantart.

Note: Action presets are used in photoshop to record your activity, or ‘play’ your defined actions. Download the presets, drag them into photoshop, and just click the ‘play’ button and they will hasten the work for you.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Featured Album: The Shade of Poison Trees

This is so far, the latest album of the band, Dashboard Confessional. The Shade of Poison Trees is heralded as a return to form, so to speak, departing from the “emo” style that Chris Carrabba pioneered, breaking away from the electric, full band sound of their previous two albums (Dusk and Summer and A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar) and returning to the acoustic sound that he was previously known for. The album comes a little over a year after the release of Dusk and Summer.

"These Bones" was Dashboard Confessional's second single off the album and was inspired by Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series of books.

I’ve been an avid fan of Dashboard Confessional since I first heard “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most”… Chris Carrabba has been crafting his lyrics in brandmarked poetry. The Shade of Poison Trees is a great album with pure acoustics in its entirety. Favorites among the list are: Where There’s Gold, These Bones, Fever Dreams, and Matters of Blood and Connection.

Fever Dreams. Chris Carrabba - so contagious. hehe ;p

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s 10:00 on a rainy morning. The cold of the winter breeze serves as a relief from the ever so hot weather during the usual days. It’s a time where you get to enjoy a cup of hot coffee, and lounge about lazily, just… staring at the computer. And then, suddenly, as if carried across by some gentle wind, you hear your favorite Christmas song (The Christmas Alphabet) chanting on the radio. The music, the beat, the percussions, and even the scent of your coffee spiraling through your nostrils…how they bring chills upon your shoulders, rising up your lips with a torrent of great merriment. And you find yourself smiling in realizing that it’s that time of the year again. The carols, the bells, the lights, the gifts, the great cheers, the blessings, and all the joy… the yuletide season blossoming forth its warm, frolicking glee. Merry Christmas! Wish it be all year round. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unkempt Realities

This is a poem I wrote 4 years ago. It’s supposed to be a love poem. Hehe. Then, I thought of love as something that encompasses every flaw… so this poem is all about those “flaws”. The last line, “you’re held in high esteem” is, for me, another way of saying “I love you”.

Unkempt Realities

Sometimes, you can't find the words to say
just what you really want to...
You get suppressed by fear and shame,
You'd rather leave a part of you empty
But is that how your life goes?
Sometimes, you're given subtle chances and refuse
There are a lot of lies that you can run to,
So you could seek their refuge... and betrayal;
Sometimes, you get egotistical of beauty and wit,
But you know that they're only fleeting;
And someday, they'll just become memories in pictures and photographs,
As you witness your youth pass before your eyes;
Soon, your reflection will tell a lie of how you used to be;
That's one truth that we don't really mind to see,
And you're often wrapped up in negligence;
There are too many questions...
Yet you choose to leave them unanswered;
Sometimes, you blind yourself from the truth,
And you get overwhelmed by your weaknesses;
Sometimes, you take for granted time... and people;
But won't you recognize what you got 'til it's gone?
Sometimes, you get disgusted by a person's stupidity,
But sooner or later, you'll realize what lies behind that annoyance;
Sometimes, you try to hide your emotions and pretend a smile or a frown;
But eyes never lie... they speak of your reality;
You confidently wear your mask... to the point of your own detriment;
Sometimes, you even get tired of what life requires you to do;
Death has its own gift though-life's appreciation;
But is it the only way for you to realize worth?
You may try to hide it,
But, sometimes, you get too emotional... that you'd choose to be numb;
These truths… are often failed to be recognized;
But what will become of them...
If slowly, shards of you are falling,
Too tiny to put up together,
And the pieces' cutting edges bruise?
Time races fast pages.......
Someday could come so soon
Misleading tendencies could clutch you... if you let them;
They could drag you to a mist of changes,
You could find influences in both the right and wrong places,
And changing for the better could be the hardest thing to do;
But, just remember the things that make you who you are...
You're held in high esteem.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Twelve Days of Christmas -- Cracked

Familiar with the song, 12 Days of Christmas?.. Ever wonder what it signifies? Because if you take this song literally, you won’t appreciate it that much. What’s with the geese? The birds? The hens? Let me share with you what I've learned from my C.L. (Christian Living) class way back high school.

12 Days of Christmas

True Love – God
Me – Baptized Person
Partridge in a Pear Tree – Jesus Christ
Two Turtle Doves – Old Testament and New Testament
Three French Hens – Three Theological Virtues (Faith, Hope, Love)
Four Calling Birds – the Gospels
Five Golden Rings – Pentateuch (the First Five Books – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy)
Six Geese a-Laying – Six Days of Creation
Seven Swans a-Swimming – Seven Sacraments / Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Eight Maids a-Milking – Eight Beautitudes
Nine Ladies Dancing – Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Ten Lords a-Leaping – The Ten Commandments
Eleven Pipers Piping – 11 Faithful Apostles
Twelve Drummers Drumming – Twelve Tenets (Apostles’ Creed)

People in earlier times were denied the right to bring glory to Christ. In order for them to commend this special season, they entailed a secret meaning into this song. So the next time you hear it, remember what the gifts really are. ;)

Christmas Gift from My Mom

I was at school yesterday, so I wasn’t able to go to cdo (Cagayan de Oro) with my mom and titas. It could have been an opportunity for me to look for a nice gift for my Manito since I don’t have any idea what to buy here… because I don’t think this city has a lot of options for gifts. lol. Anyway, when she came home, she said that she won’t bother wrapping up her presents to put them down the christmas tree… she then handed them right over. Hehe. It’s a shirt from Artwork that says, “Sometimes I just wave to people I don’t know”. Haha. Thanks ma! love it and love her! ^-^

Friday, December 12, 2008

good night

It’s 9:50 in the evening. It’s amazing how every minute seems to walk in a fast pace, making you regret your lounging and idling about the whole day. My surroundings are muted by the hour, discreetly intervened by the roaring sound of the fan that’s hanging on the wall. The air is warm, stubbornly opposing the soothing feel of the ventilator. And the sound of little insects are resonating from at the back of the house. Makes me wonder what great deed I’ve done today that would consider this day productive. And then I begin to worry. All the pressure, the demands, the meeting-the-deadlines, the inadequacy, time. It’s like wading through the jagged street you built with your own procrastinations. (duh?). Anyway, gudnyt everyone. Another day’s in store. Tomorrow’s another chance. Every day’s a celebration. :)

under the same sky

“and when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby, it helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky.

This is my favorite line from the song, Somewhere Out There. It gives much solace to think that you could never be that far from the people you love when you think of the sky reconciling you both together. My dad is out there sailing the seas. I'll be sending myself off closer to him when I think of this place covered under the same sky ceiling. :)

Brei Here! Brei Here! Wee.....welcome!


Hello everyone! I’ve just recently started my blogging career. Hehe. This is a fresh start for me since I don’t usually share my thoughts, especially to the public. Hehe. But hey! I figured this is one way of growing and learning, so why not come up with a blog of my own so I can somehow find a way to wear off my constant hiding up my sleeves? Hehe. So let’s “let the cat out of the bag”… coz here I’ll be speaking my mind out, with my nonsense blabbers and some interesting topics as well. So... Welcome to my blog! Thank you much for stopping by! see ya!