Thursday, December 25, 2008


It’s hip to wear gemstones nowadays. But did you know that during the olden times, people used these magical stones to not only look good, but to also heal, enhance, and improve others’ lives? Take your pick among these gems… Ruby
Magical Meaning: love, beauty and loyalty Healing Power: Keeps the heart healthy Tiger Eye
Magical Meaning: harmony, stability and clarity of mind
Healing Power: Helps heal wounds and bruises Rose Quartz
Magical Meaning: stone of warmth and love Healing Power: Takes away negative feelings and promotes love. Citrine
Magical Meaning: golden stone of wealth Healing Powers: Aids in good digestion and in gaining wealth Jade
Magical Meaning: stone of health and wealth Healing Powers: Takes away negative energies and makes the body stronger. Diamond
Magical Meaning: love, purity, strength and trust Healing Powers: Cleanses the body and improves eyesight Hematite
Magical Meaning: clarity and balance Healing Powers: Adds to personal charm and improves blood circulation Turquoise
Magical Meaning: stone that improves communication and friendship Healing Powers: Strengthens the mind and body.

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