Thursday, December 25, 2008

Your Health. Your Feces.

Hi guys. found this funny way of looking at your health. Hehe.

Dietary fibers and lactobacillus bifidus are essential for a healthy and comfortable life. The best feces are like bananas. They are modestly hard with no strong smell. Answer the following questions to see whether you have healthy feces or not.

Do they float?

Yes… 1 point
No… 2 points

How soft are they?

Like toothpaste... 1 point
They look hard… 2 points

How much do they weigh? (haha!)

Over 200g… 1 point

Below 200g… 2 points

Do they smell?

They don’t smell much… 1 point
Badly… 2 points

How often do you evacuate?

Once a day… 1 point
Not every day… 2 points

What's their usual color?

Yellow… 1 point
Dark brown… 2 points

Their shape?

Like pebbles… 2 points

Like paste… 1 point

Like banana… 1 point

Like stones ... 2 points

Like mud… 2 points

Like that of liquid... 2 points

If you score:
7-9 points, You are quite healthy
10-12 points, Be careful with what you eat. Take more food with dietary fiber.
13-14 points, Warning! If this continues, you should see a doctor.

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