Thursday, December 25, 2008

All-Time Anime Faves

Here’s a look at some of the anime we love to watch… and the reasons why we love watching them. :D

Best Back Story: Samurai X

Kenshin Himura is Hitokiri Battousai, one of the famed assassins of the Meiji Restoration era. With Japan slowly opening up to the rest of the world, he now finds himself using his reverse-edge sword to fight for the new peace Japan has attained, meeting new friends and enemies as he lives out this important historical period.

Fave Factor: A lot of characters we see in the first season are based on real historical people. Bad-cop Saito Hajime, for example, has a real-life equivalent who was also a member of the Shinsengumi, AND was also a police officer. Kenshin himself was based on a real assassin also famous for a style resembling Battou-jutsu. And no, he didn’t have flaming red hair, nor does he say “Oro!” every time somebody smacked him.

Best Characters: Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda’s a young girl who lives all alone in a tent, and supports herself by holding down a job. But despite her tough life, she still keeps a happy and cheerful attitude. Her life takes a turn for the weird when she befriends school heartthrob Yuki Sohma, and ends up living at the Sohma household. It is here that she discovers their family secret – each member is possessed by an animal in the Chinese zodiac, and they turn into their animal form when they’re touched by the opposite gender, or when they’re stressed out!

Fave Factor: Cute guys galore! Yuki’s just one example of the many wacky characters you’ll find in the Sohma household, and each of them transforms into a cute animal! Yuki turns into a mouse, by the way. Kawaii!

Best Powers: Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter)

When school delinquent Yuusuke Urameshi (Eugene) is killed in a car accident while saving a kid’s life, the spirit world offers him a job as a spirit detective. Yuusuke goes from a cocky neighborhood punk into one of the most powerful spirit warriors in the world, while fighting meaner (and cooler) demons along the way. This is a good ol’ fashioned slugfest.

Fave Factor: All the fighters have their own unique powers. Yuusuke has his trademark Spirit Gun (Rei/Ray Gun), his best friend Kuwabara (Alfred) has a laser…er…Spirit Sword, Kurama (Dennis) has his Rose whip and plant abilities, and Hiei (Vincent) has a wicked third eye, which allows him to summon a demonic black dragon.

Best Wardrobe: Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto accidentally opens a magical book, which unleashes beings called Clow Cards on the world. It’s up to her, the card guardian Keroberos (Kero-chan), her video cameratoting best friend Tomoyo, and her magic-wielding rival Lee Syaoran to find the cards, even as the story behind these cards and the creator, Clow Reed, unfolds.

Fave Factor: They say this series has more costumes than there are Clow Cards – they weren’t kidding! Almost every episode’s got a new (uber-cute) costume for Sakura, all handcrafted by Tomoyo-chan, each with a look as unique as the series’ Clow Cards.


  1. I love cardcaptor sakura as well. Was there a cardcaptor sakura season 3?

  2. all the animes you mentioned are so good, I like in extreme samurai X, well sakura card captor was one o that anime do you end watching because your girlfriend seen, and yu yu hakusho is one of the best not only for power also for the story.