Friday, December 12, 2008

good night

It’s 9:50 in the evening. It’s amazing how every minute seems to walk in a fast pace, making you regret your lounging and idling about the whole day. My surroundings are muted by the hour, discreetly intervened by the roaring sound of the fan that’s hanging on the wall. The air is warm, stubbornly opposing the soothing feel of the ventilator. And the sound of little insects are resonating from at the back of the house. Makes me wonder what great deed I’ve done today that would consider this day productive. And then I begin to worry. All the pressure, the demands, the meeting-the-deadlines, the inadequacy, time. It’s like wading through the jagged street you built with your own procrastinations. (duh?). Anyway, gudnyt everyone. Another day’s in store. Tomorrow’s another chance. Every day’s a celebration. :)

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