Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unkempt Realities

This is a poem I wrote 4 years ago. It’s supposed to be a love poem. Hehe. Then, I thought of love as something that encompasses every flaw… so this poem is all about those “flaws”. The last line, “you’re held in high esteem” is, for me, another way of saying “I love you”.

Unkempt Realities

Sometimes, you can't find the words to say
just what you really want to...
You get suppressed by fear and shame,
You'd rather leave a part of you empty
But is that how your life goes?
Sometimes, you're given subtle chances and refuse
There are a lot of lies that you can run to,
So you could seek their refuge... and betrayal;
Sometimes, you get egotistical of beauty and wit,
But you know that they're only fleeting;
And someday, they'll just become memories in pictures and photographs,
As you witness your youth pass before your eyes;
Soon, your reflection will tell a lie of how you used to be;
That's one truth that we don't really mind to see,
And you're often wrapped up in negligence;
There are too many questions...
Yet you choose to leave them unanswered;
Sometimes, you blind yourself from the truth,
And you get overwhelmed by your weaknesses;
Sometimes, you take for granted time... and people;
But won't you recognize what you got 'til it's gone?
Sometimes, you get disgusted by a person's stupidity,
But sooner or later, you'll realize what lies behind that annoyance;
Sometimes, you try to hide your emotions and pretend a smile or a frown;
But eyes never lie... they speak of your reality;
You confidently wear your mask... to the point of your own detriment;
Sometimes, you even get tired of what life requires you to do;
Death has its own gift though-life's appreciation;
But is it the only way for you to realize worth?
You may try to hide it,
But, sometimes, you get too emotional... that you'd choose to be numb;
These truths… are often failed to be recognized;
But what will become of them...
If slowly, shards of you are falling,
Too tiny to put up together,
And the pieces' cutting edges bruise?
Time races fast pages.......
Someday could come so soon
Misleading tendencies could clutch you... if you let them;
They could drag you to a mist of changes,
You could find influences in both the right and wrong places,
And changing for the better could be the hardest thing to do;
But, just remember the things that make you who you are...
You're held in high esteem.

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