Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lomo Iligan!

Impressive? These shots are unedited. They’re actually taken from a lomo cam, Holga120N. A lomo camera is typically film-based, producing quality photos in an oldskul effect. It is basically designed so since its details outline authentic quality. It’s bulky and square-faced, pretty retro for the digicam generation. And the results? awe-inspiring! (you can see for yourself). Every shot is incomparable since the features of the cam make each picture unique. Not to mention that it’s cheap. Prices range from 1k plus to about 20. Cool, huh?
Lomo cameras produce these unique, wonderful pics, but nevertheless, creative mindsets would surely find ways for an alternative when these cams aren’t available – and that is, faking lomo using Photoshop! Hehe. Below are a few “lomographs” of my “beloved” city. Hehe. :) :

the before's and after's:

You can find a lot of nice tutorials on how to transform your pics into lomo. There are also a lot of action presets that you can download from deviantart.

Note: Action presets are used in photoshop to record your activity, or ‘play’ your defined actions. Download the presets, drag them into photoshop, and just click the ‘play’ button and they will hasten the work for you.

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